Hacking in Practice: Intensive Ethical Hacking MEGA Course Free Download

Get Hacking in Practice: Intensive Ethical Hacking MEGA Course Free Download


Ethical Hacking in Practice: Intensive Ethical Hacking MEGA Course – get ready for 2021!

Practical ethical hacking techniques. This is one of the best and the most intensive ethical hacking courses on-line. 27+ HOURS

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This EXTENDED version contains over 239+ detailed lectures and over 27+ HOURS of VIDEO training. It’s one of the most comprehensive ITsec and ethical hacking courses on Udemy.

Before we begin: the practical use of the course you are going to see has been proven by thousands of people all over the world. People who make their first steps in computer / network security and professionals: network administrators, programmers, pentesters, black- and white hat hackers. Please, read carefully what we’d like to share with you.

IT Security Academy (ISA) is a company that associates ITsec Professionals. Now we are proud to share our knowledge online. Certified experts (CISS, MCSE:MS, CISSP) have created courses from Beginner to Advanced level. Our goal is to provide the highest quality materials you’ve ever seen online and prepare you not only for certification exams, but also teach you practical skills. You’re welcome to join us and start your training now.

About the ethical hacking training

Network and IT security is no joke. In a matter of minutes cyber criminals can access protected networks, view encrypted files, accounts, and even steal identities. This course is designed to introduce these concepts and the real-world tactics that hackers use, so that you can protect yourself and your network.

This course is ideal for everyone, regardless of their skills and expertise. The arrangement and presentation of learning resources will let both novices and more advanced students broaden their knowledge of IT security, ethical hacking and penetration testing.

Warning: While this comprehensive hacking training includes step-by-step instructions for advanced hacking techniques, it is designed to help you prevent an attack. We do not recommend using these techniques to infiltrate networks or IT systems without permission and consent.

Become CISS – Certified IT Security Specialist by covering the following topics:

  • Security and Hacking Myths Debunked
  • Beginner to Advanced IT Security
  • Microsoft Windows Threats and WiFi Weaknesses
  • Current Black-Hat Threats and Trends
  • Designing More Secure Networks
  • Encrypted Data, Identify Spoofing, and Windows Authorization
  • IT Security Academy Exam Preparation

Boost Network Security and Identify Weaknesses

Ethical hackers identify network security threats to prevent criminal hacking attempts. The best way to do this, is to understand how cyber criminals evaluate and test your network for vulnerabilities.

Contents and Overview

This course is designed for anyone seeking a career in IT security / Ethical Hacking, as well as programmers and technology enthusiasts who want to develop hacking and prevention skills. A basic understanding of IT and infrastructure is recommended but not required.

With 239 lectures and over 23+ hours of content, you will start with the basics of hacking / IT security and progress to the advanced curriculum in a matter of days.

Who this course is for:

  • Hacking enthusiasts
  • Ethical Hackers
  • Future IT Sec Professionals
  • IT Students
  • Programmers
  • IT enthusiasts

Course Content :

Introduction :

  • Welcome to the course
  • Foreword & FAQ
  • Course preview: 15 min. long demo lecture. The whole training is 27 hours long.

Application Security:

  • Introduction to Application Security
  • Attacks on applications
  • SQL Injection
  • EXERCISE: Analyze the application
  • Blind SQL Injection
  • Automated SQL Injection
  • Cross-site scripting – XSS
  • Application Attacks – notes for the examination
  • Program security assessment
  • Unsafe applications
  • Program Security Assessment – notes for the examination
  • Check your knowledge and get ready for the exam

Introduction to cyber threat:

  • Introduction to Current Cyber Threats
  • IT Prehistory
  • Let’s look a few years back
  • Cyber crimes – an evolution not revolution

Popular IT Security myth:

  • Popular myths about IT security – origins
  • Myths #1 – you’ll never be hacked
  • Myths #2 – you don’t need any protection software or hardware
  • Myths #3 – IT security is always a priority

IT security Trend:

  • Trends in IT Security
  • The birth of technology societ
  • EXERCISE: How much info can you gather?
  • Fake identity
  • Online privacy
  • Analyzing sniffing software
  • Cyber War

Data Security:

  • Objective #1 – Data security – Introduction
  • Integrity of data
  • Data security – notes for the examination22 pages
  • Confidentiality of data
  • EXERCISE: Finding confidential data with search engines

Computer Network Security:

  • Network security – introduction
  • OSI MODEL #1 – Physical layer
  • OSI MODEL #2 – Data link layer
  • Threats: MAC spoofing
  • Threats: ARP Poisoning
  • EXERCISE: Data Link Layer Attack
  • OSI MODEL #3 – Network layer
  • TCP Tunnelling over ICMP
  • Network Protocols – notes for the examination26 pages
  • OSI MODEL #4 – Transport Layer
  • Threats: Enumerating Remote Computers
  • EXERCISE: Transport Layer Attack using METASPLOIT part 1
  • EXERCISE: Transport Layer Attack using METASPLOIT part 2
  • OSI MODEL #5 – Session Layer
  • Transport Protocols – notes for the examination10 pages
  • OSI MODEL #6 – Presentation Layer
  • OSI MODEL #7 – Application Layer
  • EXERCISE: Application Layer Attacks
  • Backtrack: Attack Demonstration
  • Man-in-the-Middle and Denial of Service Attacks
  • Modifying Transmitted Packets
  • Unencrypted protocols
  • Application Protocols – notes for the examination

Designing secure Computer Networks:

  • Designing Computer Networks – introduction
  • Subnetting IPv4
  • Subnetting IPv6
  • Subnetting – notes for the examination20 pages
  • IPv6 address notation
  • DMZ: demilitarized Zone
  • Protocols and services: IP SEC
  • IP SEC: Phase 1
  • Network Address translation
  • Network access control: RADIUS

Network Administration:

  • Introduction to Monitoring Transmitted Data
  • Monitoring Transmitted Data – Basic informations
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Why are firewalls and NDIS not enough?
  • Wireshark – Introduction to network analysis
  • How to use Wireshark?
  • Analyzing Captured data
  • How to analyze telnet protocol?
  • Intrusion detection
  • Scanning computers

Wireless Network Security:

  • Wireless Networks
  • WIFI security solutions – introduction
  • WIFI – working principles
  • Other wireless technologies
  • Threats and risks
  • Ineffective solutions
  • Authentication methods
  • 802.11 WEP
  • 802.11I WPA
  • Standards and Security Solutions – notes for the examination29 pages
  • Threats of WIFI networks
  • Client Attacks: Launching a rogue access point
  • Client Attacks: Evil twin
  • Client Attacks: Denial of service
  • EXERCISE: WPA attack
  • Wi-Fi Security Threats – notes for the examination

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The Hacking in Practice: Intensive Ethical Hacking MEGA Course

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