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VERY IMPORTANT: This course provides access to Hackers Academy labs. You will be required to create an account on Hackers Academy website.

Short, concise and straight to the point. This is how this course will guide to into your first hack in two hours!

You want to learn hacking but you don’t know where to start? Then this is the course for you. Hacking for beginners course requires zero experience, zero programming knowledge and zero Linux knowledge. 

We start with the assumption that you know nothing about hacking, networks or the web. And step by step we will build up your knowledge so you can perform you first hack in two hours!

Zero Programming

We know how frustrating programming can be for beginners. And this why you will need zero programming to complete this course. As a matter of fact, you’ll be hacking into your first target with out reading or writing a single line of code!

Zero Networking

Networking is essential for you to become a hacker. Having said that we designed this course with the expectation that you have zero knowledge of networking. You’ll be surprised what you’ll be able to learn by the end of this course though!

Zero Linux

We would be lying if we said you don’t need to learn Linux to become a hacker. We would also be lying if we said you can’t hack without knowing Linux. This is why we will get you started assuming you have zero Linux knowledge.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to learn the absolute basics of hacking

Course Content :

Introduction :

  • On Udemy’s Ratings

Kali Linux First Step :

  • Help!
  • Access the labs
  • IMPORTANT: Lab Instructions
  • CAPS lab issue
  • Introduction to Kali Linux
  • Kali Linux GUI
  • First Commands in Kali Linux
  • Kali Linux – Terminal Shortcuts
  • Kali Linux – root
  • Kali Linux – Basic Commands
  • Kali Linux – Package Management

Internet :

  • The Internet
  • Internet Protocols
  • Public and Private IPs
  • NAT08:35
  • DNS

Server, Services , port and Client :

  • Servers
  • Services And Ports
  • Clients
  • Apache Server Troubleshooting
  • Server Client Demo

Packet And Protocols:

  • What Are Packets?
  • Understanding TCP
  • Understanding HTTP

Packet Analysis :

  • Introduction to Wireshark
  • Wireshark TCP Handshake AnalysisPreview
  • Wireshark Display Filters
  • Wireshark Capture Filters

Port Scanning:

  • Port Scanning First Run
  • Port Scanning Techniques
  • Port Scanning Packet Analysis
  • Port Scanning With Service Detection
  • Port Scanning Service Detection Packet Analysis

Vulnerabilities Identification :

  • Vulnerabilities and Exploits
  • CVE and CVSS
  • Manual Vulnerability Research
  • Semi-automated Vulnerability Research
  • Scripted Vulnerability Research
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Vulnerability Reporting

Exploitation and Backdoors:

  • Exploitation Key Terms
  • What Is A Remote Shell?
  • What Is A Backdoor?
  • Exploiting A Backdoored FTP
  • Creating Your Own Backdoor
  • How The Backdoor FTP Exploit Works

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The Hacking For Beginners Course

In our experience, we suggest you enroll in The Hacking For Beginners Course  courses and gain some new skills from Professionals completely free and we assure you will be worth it.

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