Become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: 2020 – Updated Free Download

Get Become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: 2020 – Updated free Download

Beginners welcome: no need to know anything about AWS!

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is a great entry-level certification for AWS. It’s great at assessing how well you understand AWS, its services, and its ecosystem.

I want to help YOU pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification with flying colors.

This AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course is different from the other ones you’ll find on Udemy. Dare I say, better (but you’ll judge!)

  • It covers in-depth all the new topics on the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 exam
  • It’s packed with practical knowledge on how to use AWS inside and out
  • We are going to learn by doing
  • It teaches you how to prepare for the AWS exam
  • It’s a logical progression of topics, not a laundry list of random services
  • It’s fast-paced and to the point
  • It has professional subtitles
  • All 300+ slides available as downloadable PDF

This AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course is full of opportunities to apply your knowledge:

  • There are many hands-on lectures in every section
  • There are quizzes at the end of every section
  • There’s an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner practice exam at the end of the course
  • We’ll be using the AWS Free Tier most of the time
  • I’ll be showing you how to go beyond the AWS Free Tier (you know… the real world!)

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to acquire the knowledge to pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

Course Content:


  • AWS Account Activation Troubleshooting
  • Important Message
  • About your instructor

Code & Slides Download:

  • Code & Slides Download

What is Cloud Computing?:

  • Traditional IT Overview
  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • The Different Types of Cloud Computing
  • AWS Cloud Overview
  • Tour of the Console & Services in AWS
  • About the UI changes in the course
  • Shared Responsibility Model & AWS Acceptable Policy
  • What is Cloud Computing Quiz

IAM – Identity and Access Management:

  • IAM Introduction: Users, Groups, Policies
  • IAM Users & Groups Hands On
  • IAM Policies
  • IAM Policies Hands On
  • IAM MFA Overview
  • IAM MFA Hands On
  • AWS Access Keys, CLI and SDK
  • AWS CLI Setup on Windows
  • AWS CLI Setup on Mac
  • AWS CLI Setup on Linux
  • AWS CLI Hands On
  • AWS CloudShell: Region Availability
  • AWS CloudShell

EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud:

  • EC2 Instance Types Basics
  • SSH Overview
  • How to SSH using Linux or Mac
  • How to SSH using Windows
  • How to SSH using Windows 10
  • SSH Troubleshooting
  • EC2 Quiz

EC2 Instance Storage:

  • EBS Overview
  • About EBS Multi-Attach
  • EBS Hands On
  • EBS Snapshots Overview
  • EBS Snapshots Hands On
  • AMI Overview
  • AMI Hands On
  • EC2 Image Builder Overview
  • EC2 Image Builder Hands On
  • EC2 Instance Store
  • EFS Overview
  • Shared Responsibility Model for EC2 Storage
  • Amazon FSx Overview
  • EC2 Instance Storage Summary
  • Preview
  • EC2 Instance Storage Quiz

ELB & ASG – Elastic Load Balancing & Auto Scaling Groups:

  • High Availability, Scalability, Elasticity
  • Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) Overview
  • About the Gateway Load Balancer
  • Application Load Balancer (ALB) Hands On
  • Auto Scaling Groups (ASG) Overview
  • Auto Scaling Groups (ASG) Hands On
  • Auto Scaling Groups (ASG) Strategies
  • Section Cleanup
  • ELB & ASG Summary
  • ELB & ASG Quiz


  • S3 Overview
  • S3 Hands On
  • S3 Security: Bucket Policy
  • S3 Security: Bucket Policy Hands On
  • S3 Website Overview
  • S3 Website Hands On
  • S3 Versioning Overview
  • S3 Versioning Hands On
  • S3 Server Access Logging
  • S3 Server Access Logging Hands On
  • S3 Replication Overview
  • S3 Replication Hands On
  • S3 Storage Classes Overview
  • S3 Storage Classes Hands On
  • S3 Glacier Vault Lock & S3 Object Lock
  • S3 Encryption
  • Shared Responsibility Model for S3
  • AWS Snow Family Overview
  • AWS Snow Family Hands On
  • Storage Gateway Overview
  • S3 Summary
  • S3 Quiz

Databases & Analytics:

  • Databases Introduction
  • RDS & Aurora Overview
  • RDS Hands On
  • RDS Deployments Options
  • ElastiCache Overview
  • DynamoDB Overview
  • DynamoDB Hands On
  • DynamoDB Global Tables
  • Redshift Overview
  • EMR Overview
  • Athena Overview
  • QuickSight Overview
  • DocumentDB Overview
  • Neptune Overview
  • QLDB Overview
  • Managed Blockchain Overview
  • DMS Overview
  • Glue Overview
  • Databases & Analytics Summary
  • Databases & Analytics Quiz

Other Compute Services: ECS, Lambda, Batch, Lightsail:

  • What is Docker?
  • ECS, Fargate & ECR Overview
  • Serverless Introduction
  • Lambda Overview
  • Lambda Hands On
  • API Gateway Overview
  • Batch Overview
  • Lightsail Overview
  • Lightsail Hands On
  • Other Compute – Summary
  • Other Compute Services Quiz
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