AWS VPC and Networking in depth: Learn practically in 8 hrs Free Download

Get AWS VPC and Networking in depth: Learn practically in 8 hrs Free Download

This course aims to build the complete understanding of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Networking from ground up where students will understand the networking core concepts by doing exercises on their own.

This course contains 2 sections. First section is about Understanding AWS Networking where I have explained starting from very basics the AWS VPC, VPC components and Private connectivity options in AWS . If you are already aware of AWS networking components, then you may want to skip this section and jump directly to hands on exercises section.

1. Understanding AWS Networking in depth

  • Physical on premises networking vs AWS VPC
  • Getting familiar with AWS VPC terminologies – VPC, Subnets, Route tables, Internet Gateway, Security Group, Network ACL
  • Understanding VPC CIDR
  • Understanding Subnets and Route Tables
  • Public Subnet vs Private Subnet
  • Understanding NAT (Network Address Translation) Concept
  • NAT Gateway and NAT instance
  • AWS Private Connectivity options
  • Understanding VPC Peering
  • VPC Endpoint and Privatelink for private connectivity to AWS Services
  • VPN connection / Direct Connect
  • Transit VPC
  • Transit Gateway
  • AWS Client VPN

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner AWS aspirants, Who are looking for hands on experience on AWS Networking services and components (VPC and more)
  • Student’s who are looking to understand AWS Networking in depth starting with VPC
  • Student’s who want to understand AWS VPC, Subnets, Routing, VPC peering, Transit Gateway, VPN etc

Course Content:


  • Basics of AWS Networking (Part1 )
  • Understanding VPC Subnet and Route Table(Part2)
  • Network ACL Hands On
  • Understanding NAT Gateway and NAT Instance(Part3)Understanding VPC Peering, VPC Endpoint, VPN and Direct Connect (Part 4)

AWS VPC Hands on Exercises:

  • VPC with Public Subnets (Hands on )
  • VPC with Public and Private Subnets (Hands On)
  • NAT Gateway (Hands On)
  • NAT EC2 Instance (Hands On)
  • VPC Peering across AWS Regions (Hands On)
  • VPC Peering Use cases and Limitations
  • VPC Endpoint to connect to S3 over Private network (Hands On)
  • VPC PrivateLink to expose Application services privately (Hands On)

Advance :AWS VPN Connectivity -Hands on Exercises

  • AWS Site-To-Site VPN Connection (Hands On)27:03
  • Advanced Networking: AWS and Google Cloup Site to Site VPN using BGP Routing

Advance Networking :AWS Client VPN Hands on

  • Introduction to Client VPN (Client to Site) VPN
  • How to setup AWS Client VPN (Hands On)
  • AWS Client VPN Scenario 1: Access Internet via VPC IGW (Hands On)Preview
  • AWS Client VPN Scenario 2: Access Internet using Split Tunnel (Hands On)
  • AWS Client VPN Scenario 3: Access Peered VPC (Hands On)

Advance : Transit VPC and Transit Gateway Hands on

  • Transit VPC07:27
  • Transit Gateway – Part 1 (Hands on)
  • Transit Gateway – Part 2 (Hands on)
  • Transit Gateway – Part 3 (Hands on)

AWS Route53 DNS Management and Website Hosting – Hands on Exercises

  • Hosting Website on S3 with custom domain name from Godaddy (Hands on)
  • Secure website with HTTPS using S3 and CloudFront (Hands on)16:26
  • Route53 DNS Region Level Failover (Hands On)

Application Load Balancer (ALB) Routing , Stickiness, Custom , Domain,HTTPS

  • ALB with 2 backend EC2 instances (Round Robin Routing)
  • ALB Session Stickiness
  • ALB with Custom Domain Name using Route53
  • ALB with HTTPS
  • ALB URL or Path based Routing
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