AWS Solutions Architect Associate 2021 with Practice Test Free Download

Get AWS Solutions Architect Associate 2021 with Practice Test Free Download

This course is not just videos! It includes a detailed lab demos that you can perform in your own AWS account with the free tier! The lectures are full of illustrations that will help you understand the concepts behind the technology.

Don’t pay for a course and a separate practice test! This course includes a 200 question practice test.

Are you looking for the best possible AWS Training? Learn from an experienced instructor that has taught the official AWS curriculum for Amazon.

This course aligns to the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (CSA) – Associate Exam. Absolute AWS beginners will be able to follow along with this course easily. There is no programming experience required.

The course begins with a high level overview of many AWS products. Most lectures are around 5 – 10 minutes long. Some topics require in-depth knowledge, and go longer.

This course include many hands-on demos that you can follow along with in your own AWS account. And I take the time to prepare you to manage your account and avoid large AWS bills.

Some recent reviews:

“This was really an awesome course where I learned a lot about AWS. This course also helped me crack my placement exam. Thanks Rick Crisci.”

“Rick is one of the best instructors I have ever had. Rick you are truly gifted at teaching. It just flows so well.”

“The lessons are well presented and easy to understand. Highly recommended!”

“Very clear and easy to understand language used. Highly recommended. Instructor seems to have great grip on AWS architect and microservices. I have done same course in Whizlabs but this one is way better.”

“This course is far better than acloudguru course. Its in depth and covered all topics patiently.”

Who this course is for:

  • AWS Beginners, or those with an intermediate level of experience
  • System Administrators, Network Engineers, and Solution Architects
  • Developers that need to create AWS-friendly applications
  • Anybody who wants to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam

Course content:


  • Introduction
  • Connect and Get Recognized!
  • Getting your AWS Certification
  • Lab Costs and Disclaimer
  • Create a Billing Alert

AWS Basics:

  • The Evolution of AWS
  • Regions and AZs
  • AWS Services Overview
  • Managed vs. Unmanaged Services with AWS

Billing, Accounts, and Organizations:

  • The AWS Free Tier
  • Configure an AWS Billing Alert
  • Using Cost Explorer to Analyze Charges
  • Consolidated Billing for Multiple AWS Accounts
  • Introduction to AWS Organizations
  • Demo: AWS Organizations


  • The Shared Responsibility Model for Security
  • Demo: Identity and Access Management (IAM
  • Demo: Configure IAM Policies11:00
  • Security Token Service (STS)05:25
  • Using Web Identity Federations to Authenticate to AWS02:14
  • AWS Trusted Advisor03:24
  • Audits and Compliance Testing with AWS

Simple Storage Service (S3):

  • S3 Concepts
  • S3 Data Consistency
  • S3 Storage Classes
  • Demo: Create an S3 Bucket
  • Demo: S3 Encryption
  • Demo: S3 Versioning
  • Demo: S3 Lifecycles
  • Demo: S3 Cross-Region Replication


  • CloudFront
  • Demo: Configure a CloudFront Distribution

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2):

  • VMs, Hosts, and Hypervisors
  • Introduction to EC2
  • Introduction to EC2 Reserved Instances
  • Demo: Purchasing a Reserved Instance
  • Introduction to Spot Instances
  • EC2 Instance Types
  • EBS and Instance Store
  • Demo: Create a Linux EC2 Instance
  • Demo: Connect to an EC2 Instance
  • EC2 Auto Recovery for AWS Failover

EC2 Management:

  • Security Groups
  • Demo: Configure a Security Group
  • EBS Volume RAID
  • Demo: Create a Windows Instance and Configure RAID
  • Demo: Create a Custom AMI
  • Demo: Configure Instance Store Ephemeral Storage
  • Demo: Working with EBS Volumes
  • Demo: Add Access Keys to an EC2 Instance1
  • Demo: Assign a Role to an EC2 Instance

EC2 Scaling and Availability:

  • Demo: Create a Network ELB
  • Auto Scaling Groups
  • Demo: Create an Auto Scaling Group
  • Demo: Troubleshoot an Auto Scaling Group
  • Demo: Remove an Auto Scaling Group and Elastic Load
  • Balancer


  • Introduction to CloudWatch 11:45
  • Demo: Configure a CloudWatch Dashboard and Alarm 07:40
  • Demo: EC2 System and Instance Status Checks 02:47
  • CloudTrail

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AWS Solutions Architect Associate 2021 with Practice Test

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AWS Solutions Architect Associate 2021 with Practice Test

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