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The First (and only at the time of release) AWS Networking Design course, that focuses on Design (in depth) using a business-driven design approach. The 90+ design video sessions of this course discuss, compare & analyze, different AWS networking design options and scenarios starting from basic high-level concepts (from 30000 feet view), all the way to advanced routing, traffic engineering topics and Multi-VPC designs of global architectures.

** More Content to be added, including design scenarios **

This course is designed to help you build a design/architect mindset to be a better designer/architect. Topics to be covered including but not limited to:

· Design principles and approaches

· AWS Global infrastructure

· VPC networking fundamentals: focuses on the fundamental networking concepts and capabilities of Amazon VPC from design point of view, including: IP addressing, routing and rout tables, VPC firewall filtering.

· Design Options to connect a VPC to the Internet: different design options discussed and analyzed to connect an Amazon VPC to the Internet along with the key design considerations. Design options using AWS Gateway load balancer, NAT Gateway and Network Firewall are included

· Design Options to Connect a VPC to AWS Services: Different design options discussed and analyzed including Amazon VPC endpoints (Gateway VPC Endpoint and Interface VPC Endpoint).

· AWS Elastic Load Balancing, DNS and CDN Designs: drivers and need of such design along with the design options with ALB and NLB discussed with a sample design scenario. Then the different options of making such design across regions are discussed where Amazon Route53 and AWS CDN designs are discussed in detail.

· Hybrid model: AWS network services, connectivity options and design options and considerations are discussed and analyzed in detail

· Multi-VPCs Architecture: Regional or global architectures along with different design models are discussed with the design considerations that need to be taken into account to build large scale global AWS network architectures.

Many design use cases and scenarios are discussed as part of each section to simplify the topics in terms why, how and when each design can be used.

Who this course is for:

  • Solutions Architects, Cloud architects, Network architects, Network consultants, Network designers, Network or Cloud Engineers and any IT professional who wants to learn about AWS Cloud Networking Design

Course content:


Design Principle and Approaches :

  • Design Principles
  • Design Approaches
  • Functional & None-functional Requirements
  • Design principles Tradeoffs

AWS Global Infrastructure:

  • AWS Global Infrastructure – Overview

VPC Network Design Fundamentals:

  • IP Addressing
  • VPC Routing
  • VPC Route Table
  • Multiple Route Tables Design Considerations
  • VPC Route Preference
  • VPC Route Engineering
  • VPC Firewalls
  • Network Performance Considerations
  • Data Transfer Cost

Connecting a VPC to a Outside:

  • Connect to the Internet Part 1
  • Connect to the Internet Part 2
  • Connect to the Internet Part 3
  • Service Chaining
  • Connect to AWS Services Part 1
  • Connect to AWS Services Part 2

Elastic Load Balancing:

  • Drivers for ELB
  • ELB Capabilities Part 1
  • ELB Capabilities Part 2
  • ELB and API Gateway Design Patterns & Use cases
  • AutoScaling Policies Part 1
  • AutoScaling Policies Part 2
  • AutoScaling Policies Part 3
  • AutoScaling Policies Design Considerations
  • Network Load Balancer – NLB
  • When to use NLB0
  • Application Load Balancer – ALB
  • Security Filtering Consideration
  • ELB – Migration Design Scenario
  • How To Design Multi Region ELB Solution

DNS – Amazon Route53:

  • Route53 Introduction
  • Route53 Policies Part 1
  • Route53 Policies Part 2
  • Route53 Policies Part 3
  • Route53 Design Scenario 1
  • Route53 Design Scenario 2

Content Delivery Network (CDN):

  • CDN Introduction
  • CDN – Performance part 1
  • CDN – Performance part 2
  • CDN – Performance part 3
  • CDN – Security part 1
  • CDN – Security part 2
  • CDN – Security part 3
  • CDN – Security part 4
  • DDoS Mitigation Considerations

The Hybrid Model:

  • Building locks of the Hybrid Model
  • Virtual Private Gateway VGW
  • Direct Connect Gateway DXGW
  • AWS Direct Connect SiteLink
  • AWS Transit Gateway TGW Part 1
  • AWS Transit Gateway TGW Part 2
  • TGW Multicast

Hybrid Connectivity -VPN:

  • Connectivity Overview
  • VPN with VGW Part 1
  • VPN with VGW Part 2
  • VPN with TGW
  • VPN Design Considerations
  • TGW Vs. CloudHub VPN
  • Customer Managed VPN
  • General SDWAN Design Considerations
  • When to use SDWAN

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AWS Networking Design – In Depth

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