AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – Updated 2020 Free Download

Get AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – Updated 2020 Free Download

The AWS platform is one of the largest cloud platforms. The AWS Certifications are one of the most sought after certifications.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is the newest entry level certification from AWS. This is a must have for any student who begins their journey to Cloud computing with AWS. 

After taking the exam myself , this course has been structured in such a way that it will help students to become more confident if they want to appear for the certification exam.

I am a Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner and hence this course is designed specifically to help student pass the Certification exam

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to take a leap into Cloud Computing with AWS
  • Students who wish to appear for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam

Course Content:


  • Important Course Instructions
  • About the coursePreview
  • About the examPreview
  • Slides download

AWS Cloud Computing:

  • What is Amazon Web Services
  • The Free Tier Account
  • Creating the Free Tier Account


  • What are we going to cover
  • Global Infrastructure and regions Preview
  • Recap on the concept of Regions
  • Introduction to the Virtual Private Cloud Preview
  • The default VPC
  • Introduction to the Elastic Compute Cloud Service
  • So what is Amazon EC200:29
  • What goes into building an EC2 Instance
  • Lab – Building an EC2 Instance Preview
  • Lab – Installing Internet Information Services
  • Lab – Building a Linux Virtual Machine Preview
  • Lab – Working with an EC2 Instance Preview
  • On-demand Elastic Cloud Compute pricing
  • Instance Types
  • The different EC2 purchasing options
  • Having a look at Spot and Reserved Instances
  • EC2 dedicated hardware
  • Quick Review on the different pricing options for EC2
  • What is Elastic Block Storage
  • Lab – EBS Volume for an EC2 Instance
  • Lab – EBS Snapshots
  • Instance Store Volumes
  • What are Availability Zones
  • Quick Review on Availability Zones
  • Lab – AWS MarketPlace
  • EC2 Security Groups
  • EC2 Security Groups Quick Review
  • Network Access Control Lists
  • A look at Network Access Control Lists
  • Monitoring your costs in AWS
  • What you can practice

Identity and Access Management:

  • Primer on Identity and Access Management02:02
  • Lab – Working with users and groups09:49
  • Lab – AWS Command Line Interface03:57
  • Identity and Access Management review

Data Storage and Services:

  • Lab – Simple Storage Service07:21
  • Simple Storage Service – Storage classes07:52
  • Simple Storage Service Costing02:24
  • Simple storage service – Additional Features03:13
  • Lab – Simple Storage Service – Web site hosting03:50
  • Simple Storage Service – Lifecycle rules04:14
  • Simple Storage Service – Object Access – IAM and Bucket policies02:05
  • Lab – S3 Object Access via IAM Policies04:27
  • Lab – S3 Object Access via Bucket Policies03:42
  • What are Identity and Access Management Roles02:56
  • Lab – Identity and Access Management Roles04:31
  • Lab – What is Amazon Glacier07:12
  • Storage Options – Elastic Block Storage vs Simple Storage Service03:37
  • Lab – Relational Database service05:18
  • Database hosting options – EC2 vs RDS05:40
  • Lab – DynamoDB08:28
  • Lab – Amazon Aurora04:56
  • Quick review on the different data storage services01:04
  • What you can practice

Costing on AWS:

  • Lab – AWS Pricing calculator02:16
  • Total cost of ownership05:27
  • AWS Support Plans

AWS Core Services:

  • The AWS Elastic Load Balancer05:02
  • Lab – Elastic Load Balancer08:08
  • What is AWS EC2 Autoscaling06:43
  • Lab – Autoscaling15:19
  • Route5304:49
  • Lab – Route 5304:48
  • Cloudfront06:48
  • Lab – Cloudfront03:06
  • Simple Queue Service03:50
  • Lab – Simple Queue Service03:31
  • Simple Notification Service01:39
  • Lab – Simple Notification Service

Automation and Optimization:

  • Lab – Elastic Beanstalk03:27
  • Lab – AWS Lambda06:02
  • API Gateway Service07:31
  • Lab – API Gateway service06:50
  • Lab – Cloudformation08:53
  • Docker – Primer09:07
  • Lab – Elastic Container Service

AWS Security and Monitoring:

  • Shared Responsibility Model04:09
  • AWS Organizations05:47
  • AWS Organizations – Demo04:45
  • Lab – Key Management Service08:55
  • AWS Cloudwatch02:41
  • Lab – Working with the AWS CloudWatch Service07:43
  • Lab – Cloudtrail06:29
  • AWS Config09:16
  • Protecting Web Applications13:43
  • Penetration Testing03:27
  • AWS Trusted Advisor03:34
  • AWS Inspector

AWS Architecture Concept:

  • Fault tolerance and High Availability08:23
  • Disaster Recovery

Data Analytics:

  • AWS Kinesis08:12
  • Lab – AWS Kinesis Data Streams06:45
  • Lab – AWS Athena05:10
  • AWS Redshift06:33
  • Lab – Using AWS Redshift10:20
  • Lab – AWS QuickSight06:47
  • Lab – AWS Data Pipeline Service

Final Quiz & Conclusion:

  • A Live example of using AWS11:38
  • Personal Project06:36
  • About the exam itself05:03
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Practise Test 190 questions
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Practice Test 285 questions
  • Bonus Lecture – AWS Associate Level courses
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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – Updated 2020 Course Review:

In our experience, we suggest you enroll in AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – Updated 2020 courses and gain some new skills from Professionals completely free and we assure you will be worth it.

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