AWS Advanced Security: SecOps Automation for the cloud Free Download

Get AWS Advanced Security: SecOps Automation for the cloud Free Download

Learn now how to protect your data, and manage your infrastructure in a secure way. There are many useful and powerful features that a customer can use to protect themselves against security incidents & data breaches.

Your course instructor[s] are AWS Experts with 16+ years of experience in Cloud & Security.

You will learn about how AWS Security services can be combined to deliver cloud security. All the examples demonstrated are from real-world customer use-cases and are being used in production. The automation templates & scripts provided can be modified by any user to get themselves familiar with these services and deploy in their customer environments

At the end of this course, you will be able to confidently able to answer the following questions,

  • How to simplify compliance auditing, security analysis, change management, and operational troubleshooting
  • How to assess, audit, and automate the remediation of non compliant resources configurations.
  • Write custom compliance rules to meet organisational needs
  • How to automatically respond to security incidents. 
  • How to effectively respond to and mitigate the potential impact of security incidents
  • You will learn advanced techniques to prepare and respond to security events.
  • What are different security services offered by AWS?
  • How to use the AWS security services to comply to a frameworks(for example NIST)?

The lectures range from simple security features to really complex event driven systems to keep your AWS accounts in compliance based on a set of rules. All the scripts and commands are on our GitHub repository. You can fork them and try it in your own accounts & laptops.

Who this course is for:

  • Users who wants to gain deep security insights related to AWS
  • Users who want to learn about Security Best Practices
  • Users who wants to know how to respond to security incidents automatically
  • Users who wants to learn automation

Course content:


  • Welcome to AWS Cloud Security: Proactive Way’s Course

Detective Controls : Introduction:

  • AWS Config : What is it
  • AWS Config: How It Works?
  • AWS Config: Introduction to Config Rules
  • AWS Config: How to configure Config Rules
  • AWS Config: Identify Non Compliant Rules & Resources
  • AWS Config: Introduction to Advanced Querying
  • AWS Config: Advanced Querying In Action
  • AWS Config: Introduction to Multi Account Aggregators
  • Learn how to aggregate compliance status in AWS

Reactive Controls: Automatically Remediate Non Complaint Resources:

  • Introduction to Auto Remediation
  • Automatically Enforce S3 Bucket Versioning
  • Automatically Enforce S3 Bucket Encryption
  • Automatically Enforce ‘No Public IPs for EC2 Instances’ Policy
  • Automatically Enforce AMI ID Compliance for all EC2 Instances
  • Automatically Enforce compliance to AMI ID by Tags for all EC2 Instances
  • Compliance Best Practices & Tribal Knowledge – commonly used rules
  • How to setup custom compliance rules?
  • Monitor & Flag Unused IAM Roles using Config Custom Rules
  • Monitor & Flag Users With Excessive Privileges

Proactive Security Controls:

  • Automatically Remediate AWS Cloutrail Disabling: Monitor, Alert, ReEnable
  • Monitor & Automatically Revoke Unintended IAM Access
  • Automatically Remove Unused Security Groups
  • Proactively monitor & fix bad or overly permissive S3 Object ACLs
  • Proactively monitor and fix bad or overly permissive S3 Bucket Policies
  • Proactively monitor and respond to failed SSH logins to EC2 Instances
  • Automatically rotate EC2 SSH keys for ALL your instances reliably
  • Proactively Block S3 Public Access At Scale
  • Attribute Based Access Control: Proactively Restrict S3 Access based on UserTags
  • Attribute Based Access Control: Proactively Restrict Access To EC2 Based On Tags

Proactive Security Controls: Taking it to next Level

  • Learn how to create fine grained permissions like a PRO
  • Use AWS Secrets Manager to secure database credentials and retrieve from lambda
  • Use an outbound VPC proxy for domain whitelisting and content filtering
  • Use AWS IAM Access Analyzer to Identify Unintended Resource Access
  • Automatically respond to DDoS Attacks with Web Application Firewall(WAF)
  • Detect EC2 Instance Credential Abuse
  • Automatically respond to EC2 Instance Credential Abuse – Part 01 of 02
  • Automatically respond to EC2 Instance Credential Abuse – Part 02 of 02

Next Step : Assignment :

  • How will you respond to the following security scenarios?


  • Table of Resources

Additional Reading:

Security Whitepapers

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AWS Advanced Security: SecOps Automation for the cloud

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